A series of biker romances set around the West Florida Chapter of the Cycle Devils MC


Kat is looking for a man, but not one in an MC.

Backfire does not fit into the very strong ideas Kat has about what she wants in life, but somehow she is drawn to him and his club. Can she conquer her fears of being with an outlaw biker? Can he help her overcome the harassment she is facing setting up a custom paint shop?

Backfire is not looking for much more than the occasional one-night stand.

Everything about Kat entices him. The more he learns about her, the more he wants to keep her by his side. How far can he bring her into his world? When he realises that she has trouble that could spill over and affect his club, how far are he and his brothers prepared to go?

Here comes Trouble.

What the Devil Wants

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a librarian on the choice of her bike. 

Jack is a university librarian with a penchant for sleek racing bikes. When she says she’s from Birmingham, you can be sure she doesn’t mean Alabama.

Trash is a blue-blooded American, his charter’s lawyer, and their information gatherer. That Jack thinks he’s a bit of alright is of no consequence, because with an ocean between them, and such differences in interests and backgrounds, it would never work. 

Would it? 

Until a rival MC declares war, and everything changes. 

Could it?


Devil's Dancer - Shades and Dawn's story
Devils Forever, Forever Devils - Irish and Aoife

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